Our Approach

Our approach is summed up in this quote from Chambers UK : “The kind of value we get from them is fantastic and the expertise is second to none." 

A lot of firms promise “hands on” senior lawyer input but do not always deliver on this. We ensure that our most experienced personnel really are “hands on” and available to clients at all times. Our information technology systems not only keep costs down but provide secure and robust platforms, allows us to meet demanding client timescales and ensures the availability of preferred personnel.


The firm offers flexible alternative fee arrangements and does not operate on the traditional “hourly rate” approach adopted by nearly all commercial law firms.

In the main, we provide services on a fixed fee basis to give clients absolute certainly about their legal costs for a project.

We tailor our fees to the work in question and can discuss other alternative fee arrangements such as retainers or success-only fees. In the words of our clients: "They more than saved us the money we spent on them. Their reputation makes things so much easier, because people really respect them."

An alternative approach

We do not have departments or a strict hierarchy within our firm but a group of lawyers all working together to satisfy client needs.

Along with our fee arrangements, our lack of a departmental structure and lack of a strict hierarchy results in a true team effort in providing our services. This benefits our clients and also makes our firm a rewarding workplace for our team.

Our approach and fee structure ensures that work does not take longer than it should and there is no excessive delegation to less experienced lawyers who often provide advice that is not as commercial as it could be.

We always have experienced lawyers dealing with client work.

All of our lawyers, including those operating in a specialist area, have a real understanding of transactional work which means providing not just technically correct advice but also advice which is commercial and solutions driven.

Value for clients

We provide real value for money to clients whilst still delivering the best advice available.

We deliver value through our alternative fee arrangements and efficient approach to transactions.